Pakistan Reports Honor Killing in US

The Pakistani Daily Times today reported an honor killing in the United States.

The honor killing of Aqsa Parvez, of course, did not take place in the United States but took place in Toronto, Canada-
Oops! Wrong country!

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Aqsa Parvaz passed away yesterday after being strangled by her father for not wearing the hijab.

Aqsa Parvaz was well-liked at school. She wanted to show off her beauty.
International Campaign Against Honour Killings reported:

The 16-year-old Mississauga girl who was allegedly strangled by her father in a dispute over her refusal to wear the hijab has died.

Aqsa Parvez, a Grade 11 student at Applewood Heights, succumbed to her injuries late last night, Peel Regional Police said today.

The girl’s 57-year-old father, Muhammad Parvez, has been charged with muder. Aqsa’s 26-year-old brother, Waqas Parvez, has been charged with obstructing police.

“She just wanted to be herself, honestly she just wanted to show her beauty, and not be pushed around by her parents telling her what she has to be like, what she has to do. Nobody would want to do that.”

An announcement broadcast at the school, near Bloor Street and Cawthra Road this morning, confirmed Aqsa’s death.

School officials described her as an energetic, well-liked student.

The father, Muhammed Parvaz, was charged with his daughter’s murder yesterday.


Toronto Girl Is Dead– Strangled By Father For Refusing Hijab

(FYI: I wrote the Daily Times about their article.)

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