One Man's Taliban Fighter Is Another Man's Construction Worker

Guess what?
Bogus pro-insurgent reporting does not stop at the Iraqi border
On Thursday the mainstream media reported that 12-25 innocent construction workers were killed by NATO forces during an airstrike near Kandahar.

It wasn’t true.

A co-pilot of the French Army 2/3 Champagne squad, check a Mirage 2000 D aircraft before taking off in Kandahar. The NATO-led force in Afghanistan rejected Thursday charges it killed 14 road workers at a construction site, saying instead it had hit a Taliban training camp.(AFP/Martin Bureau)

Once again the MSM was doing the bidding of the insurgents.
The International Security Assistance Force released this statement Thursday:


Statement by Brig. Gen. Carlos Branco, ISAF Spokesman, regarding the Nov. 26 precision air strike targeting a Taliban leader in Nuristan Province:
“Evidence so far collected by ISAF investigators strongly points to a successful air strike earlier this week against a known Taliban leader in Nurgaram District of Nuristan Province and that there were no civilian casualties. We took extraordinary means to ensure that the intended target and only the intended target was hit.

Post-strike reconnaissance both from the air and on the ground reveal that the closest construction encampment was more than one kilometer from the target site. There was also no construction equipment or materials at the target site which would indicate the presence of any construction workers in the area. On the night of Monday, 26 November, Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF soldiers tracked the movements of Abdullah Jan, a key Taliban leader in Nuristan and five of his followers, from a cave complex to the tent which was hit by the precision air strike. Jan had been positively identified by multiple means.

Five bodies were recovered at the target site by workers from the Amerifa road building firm on Tuesday and taken to the Nuristan District Center. We are trying to verify reports that on Tuesday, the Amerifa employees said the bodies were those of Taliban insurgents, but that on Wednesday, the employees claimed the bodies were those of their fellow workers.

The AFP has more on NATO’s response to the charges.
Taliban, construction workers, chicken farmers
Is there really any difference?

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