MULLAHS PUNKED– So Much For That Modesty Campaign

Sadly, someone played a video switcheroo on the Iranian hardliners.
This probably didn’t sit too well with the mullahs and their battle against immodesty and women.

The billboard video display was certainly not cleric approved but it was a big hit on the streets of Karaj as you can tell by all of the background noise.
Iranian Press News posted the video from YouTube:
(Caution: Raw Nakededness! NSFW?)

Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi translates the video:

One man says: “Oh, my God!… Oh, my God!”
Another: “Don’t bother me, I’m filming!”
The other says between laughs: “Oh my God. I have a complex now!”

It was fun while it lasted- hope nobody lost their head.


I say we put our money together and drop porn leaflets from a plane over Tehran.
We’ll bring down the regime in a matter of hours.
Who’s in?

Michael Ledeen agrees… “Peace Through Poontang.”

UPDATE: The Corner yanked Michael Ledeen’s post… I assume the mullahs yanked the billboard video as well.

UPDATE 2: The video was yanked by YouTube. It must have been too offensive to the regime sympathizers.
(I found it and reposted.)

****** UPDATE 3: Al-Salibiyyah posted the video!

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