How Pervez Musharraf Got His Groove Back…

…He had a bogus polling firm conduct an opinion poll.

International Public Opinion Polls (IPOP) gave Musharraf some good marks.
Pakistani President Musharraf saw a rise in popularity in Pakistan according to a non-existent polling firm in the US.
The Daily Times reported:

A public opinion poll that suggested an increase in President Pervez Musharraf’s popularity since he stepped down as army chief and became a civilian president has one major flaw: the US-based organisation that claims to have conducted the poll does not exist.

A press release issued last week claimed that according to a survey conducted by the US-based International Public Opinion Polls (IPOP), 74 percent of those surveyed had said that Pervez Musharraf would get a boost in popularity as civilian president.

The comprehensive directory of polling and survey research organisations in the United States does not list any organisation by the name of IPOP. Other than the alleged Pakistan survey, IPOP has never conducted any other polls according to its website, information confirmed through an Internet search. The IPOP website ( carries no organisational details of IPOP. The PDF version of the poll posted on the website says that IPOP is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and gives its zip code as 02106, which does not exist on the US Post Office’s website.

Bummer for Pervez.
Those were some good numbers.

UPDATE: Hald found this on IPOP:



iPhlux Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
M. Amir Khan ([email protected])
4th Floor, Mateen Gallery, 172-J,
Tel. +92.0214322657
Fax. +92.0214553389

Creation Date: 04-Oct-2007
Expiration Date: 04-Oct-2008

However, BG found out the postal code is legit after all.

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