Halleluiah!… Hillary's Jesus Moment Is Staged… Update: With Video

It’s a miracle!

Hillary got a “surprise” visit from her Sunday School teacher from the Chicago area while she spoke in Donnellson, Iowa. (Screengrab-AP)

It looks like Hillary’s Jesus moment was likely another staged event for the Democratic front runner.
The New York Daily News reported:

Clinton called on two audience members for questions, including Amy Fellows of Croton, Iowa, who asked, “Are you a Christian?”

“Yes I am,” said Hillary.

“OK, that’s really important to me. God be with you,” said Crofton.

“And also with you,” the senator answered. “I’m often asked what are the biggest influences in my life and what are the important commitments that kind of keep me going — my faith, my family, my friends, my work. I used to get asked fairly often if I was a praying person. I said yes, I was raised going to church, I’m a Methodist,” she said to applause. “I’m a very grateful and committed Methodist.”

Fellows told our pool reporter (Pat Healy, for the curious) later that she was not a part of the Clinton campaign and that the question was not planted.

“Having a good Christian in the White House is very important to me,” she said, adding she was leaning strongly towards Clinton, but didn’t know very much about John Edwards or Obama, including their religions or the brouhaha over Obama’s faith and Kerrey’s comments.

Also among the 200 people at the Donnellson firehouse was Rosalie Bentzinger, who was the director of religious education Hillary’s First Methodist Church in Park Ridge, Ill. She gave Hillary a picture of her confirmation class from March 22, 1959.

Rosie happened to be in the front row and happened to bring along Hillary’s confirmation photo from 1959. (Screengrab-AP)

What a coincidence! Hillary’s 82 year-old confirmation instructor from the Chicago area just happened to drive over to Donnellson, IA for the day and had a photo of Hillary’s confirmation with her.
What luck!

Here’s the video clip so you can decide for yourself:

The AP has the full video of Senator Clinton’s Jesus moment HERE.

The Hawkeye has more on the campaign miracle:

“I was raised to be a praying person, but I tell people that after one week in the White House, if I hadn’t been a praying person, I would have become one.”

Over the laughter that followed, someone hollered out that Clinton’s Sunday school teacher was in the room. After a moment of confusion, Clinton’s eyes locked on Rosalie Bentziger.

“Oh, Rosie,” she said.

The two hugged and Bentziger presented Clinton with a photo.

“She has a picture of my confirmation class — March 27, 1959,” Clinton said.

Campaign aides said they were unaware that Bentzinger, who was with a friend of Clinton’s, was in the crowd.

What are the odds?
It’s a miracle!

But, hold the canonization proceedings…
Sweetness and Light reported that it’s not the first time Rosie made the rounds at a Hillary campaign stop.

Rosie also made the barbeque back in April. (Wireimage)

This was also an event where Hillary was accused of planting questions.
The Obama ’08 blog and the LA Times blog aren’t buying Hillary’s miracle moment, either.

Hillary better do some more preaching… Obama just pulled even with her in New Hampshire.

Doug Ross offers another take on Hillary.

UPDATE: This is odd…
Dan Riehl found the Confirmation photo from the campaign stop this week in Donnellson.

Hillary has already used her Confirmation photo (from March 22, 1959) and her “What Jesus Means to Me” confirmation essay in a New York Times article in July.

UPDATE 2: Patterico has the latest on this staged Jesus moment.

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