Good News! Only 5,600 Al Qaeda Websites Operating… Update: Bad Translation- There's More

(Talk about a flubbed translation by Reuters!… See update.)

Progress(?)… Only 5,600 Iraqi websites are spreading Al-Qaeda filth.
The ROP and Reuters reported:

There are now about 5,600 Web sites spreading al Qaeda’s ideology worldwide, and 900 more are appearing each year, a Saudi researcher told a national security conference on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, has identified the Internet as a key battlefield with militants who launched a campaign to topple the U.S.-allied ruling royal family in 2003.

“Research shows there are more than 5,600 sites on the Internet promoting the ideology of al Qaeda,” Khaled al-Faram told the Information Technology and National Security conference in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

“There are some 900 news sites appearing every year, and despite the retreat of some media outlets specifically run by al Qaeda, extremist Web sites are constantly on the rise.”

Crossroads Arabia says it was mistranslated- There’s More.


Talk about a Flubbed Translation!… Off by 11,000?

FOX News has more- and keeps it safe.

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