Democrats Getting Nasty… Release Hillary Attack Ad

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Scores…
Democratic Courage, a liberal activist group “dedicated to electing a progressive, courageous, and winning Democratic presidential candidate” released their first Hillary attack ad today that will be aired in Iowa.
One of the group’s leaders, Glenn Hurowitz, says:

“Like many Democrats, we believe that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly given in too easily to pressure — and too often decides her policies not on the basis of what’s right, but on the basis of what polls and focus groups tell her. As history shows, that’s a dangerous road for Democrats and for the country. We believe there are other candidates who would be stronger leaders and have a much better chance of winning in 2008.”

We hear you, brother!… The part about relying on polls anyway.
The Democratic group attacks Hillary’s waffling in their first ad:

The group thinks Hillary is not tough enough to move ahead with her socialist agenda.
This could get good!

They also offer advice to Barak Obama.
But, will he listen?

MORE BAD NEWS… Hillary mega-donor Norman Hsu was indicted today in New York City on massive fraud charges. Hillary, of course, was his friend and favority Democrat.
Hat Tip Cornhusker

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