Chavez Is FARC'ed Over… Hostage Release Party Pushed Back Again

US director Oliver Stone joined “mutual admirer” Hugo Chavez this weekend for the FARC hostage rescue.

Stone says the FARC terrorists “just want to make a decent living.”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (R) and U.S. film director Oliver Stone talk to the media as they arrive at Santo Domingo’s Airport December 28, 2007. (Reuters)

What was supposed to be Hugo’s big day was pushed back again as the FARC terror group continued to stall on its hostage release.
The BBC reported:


An operation by Venezuelan helicopters to collect three hostages due to be released in Colombia by the Farc rebel group has been delayed for another day.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Venezuelan officials said the guerrillas had not yet given them the co-ordinates for the handover.

The rebels have promised to release the hostages as a humanitarian gesture to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Mr Chavez has said he hopes they will be freed either on Sunday or Monday.

“They are still waiting for the details to complete the operation,” he told Venezuelan state television late on Saturday afternoon.

Oliver Stone joined the Chavistas for the meeting with the “peasant army fighting for a decent living(?)”
ABC7 reported:

Leaving the glamor of Hollywood far behind, Stone arrived in the steamy Colombian city of Villavicencio on Saturday as part of a mission led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to retrieve three hostages held for years by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

“I have no illusions about the FARC, but it looks like they are a peasant army fighting for a decent living,” Stone said in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press at his hotel bar. “And here, if you fight, you fight to win.”

…The mission seemed unlikely to be completed Sunday as originally promised by Venezuela, as rescuers were still awaiting word from the rebels on the exact location of the release. Meanwhile a rocket narrowly missed an air force cargo plane as it was landing in southern Colombia, underscoring the difficulties involved in crossing live battle lines.

The famous director’s presence in this violent country, struggling through its fifth decade of civil conflict, is a worry to his Colombian and Venezuelan guides. They prohibited him from leaving his hotel in Villavicencio, a town rocked in recent years by turf battles between rival drug traffickers and far-right death squads.

Chavez personally invited Stone to join the rescue delegation after the pair, who say they are mutual admirers, met for the first time earlier this week in Caracas.

The Devil’s Excrement discussed Hugo’s sideshow last week.

The FARC terrorists had originally promised to release the Colombian hostages around Christmas, and then on Friday, and now— maybe Monday.

Hero Hugo Hails Agreement With FARC For Hostage Release

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