Aussie Moonbats Celebrate Terrorist's Release From Prison

Convicted Gitmo terrorist David Hicks was freed from maximum securitiy prison today in Australia.
The moonbats were there to celebrate…

Supporters show the placards after former Guantanamo terror prisoner David Hicks walked out of the Yatala high security prison in the southern city of Adelaide Saturday, Dec. 29, 2007. Confessed terror supporter David Hicks was released from the Australian prison Saturday after completing a U.S.-imposed sentence for aiding al-Qaida. (AP Photo/Rob Hutchison)

The Aussie Taliban was picked up on the fields of Afghanistan back in 2001.
The BBC reported:

David Hicks, 32, was captured with Taleban forces in Afghanistan in 2001, and spent five years at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

In March he became the first person to be convicted at a US war crimes trial since the end of the World War II.

Under a plea deal, he was jailed for seven years, with all but nine months suspended, and returned to Australia.

Hicks was released from the maximum security prison at Yalata in Adelaide.

An undated TV frame grab from Channel 7 News, taken in Kosovo, shows Australian David Hicks. An Australian court imposed tough restrictions on the upcoming release of former Guantanamo Bay terror detainee David Hicks, whom police said once described Osama bin Laden as “lovely”. (AFP/HO)


Hicks vowed not to let the Australian community down.
The Age reported:

Now 32 and no longer a Muslim, Hicks yesterday promised not to let down the Australian community he credited with helping to bring him home. “I will not forget, or let you down,” Hicks said in a statement read by his lawyer, David McLeod.

Several Gitmo detainees went back to a life of terror after their release from the detention facility.

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