ANOTHER Baltimore Bus Attack— Second This Week

Another Baltimore bus beatdown.
This time two white men were beatdown by four black youths.

WBAL has a surveilance video from the attack and photos of the victims.

The men said that the bus driver refused to call for help and that the driver closed the door and drove away even though the beatdown continued when the men got off the bus.
WBAL reported:

Maryland Transit Administration officials are investigating a second reported assault on a bus in the last week.

Patrick Green and Robert Rothe told WBAL TV 11 News that they were antagonized and attacked after boarding the No. 64 bus late Monday night in south Baltimore.

The men, who are white, said the attackers yelled racial slurs and that no one on board, including the driver, stepped in to stop the attack. MTA surveillance cameras captured four men boarding the bus at the Hanover Street stop Monday night, moments before Green and Rothe got on.

Green and Rothe said they believe other passengers were afraid to help and that the driver refused to call for help.

“We were saying the whole time to the driver, ‘You need to help us, call the police,'” Green told 11 News reporter Kerry Cavanaugh. “He said, ‘I can’t. I’ll get in trouble.'”

Roth said the driver closed the door and drove away, even though the attack continued once they got off the bus.

“We could’ve been left on the side of the road, dead,” Rothe said.

Green and Rothe said they’re mad it took MTA officials three days to release photos of the suspects.

Michelle Malkin has much more on the latest bus beatdown.
This can’t be good for business, you’d think.

The City of Baltimore is denying that this was a racist attack.

The victim of the first bus attack, Sarah Kreager, has been placed in a witness protection program, after a cousin of one of the accused sent her a threatening message at the homeless shelter where Kreager stays, according to a law enforcement source.

Brutal Baltimore Bus Beatdown
Baltimore Bus Attack Victim Under Witness Protection

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