A FARC'ing Shame… Hugo Chavez Gets Punked

Hugo Chavez had called in his buddy Nestor Kirchner the former President of Argentina, his mutual admirer Oliver Stone, and hundreds of media professionals for the FARC hostage release party.
But, once again Hugo got played the fool by the Colombian terror group.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wipes his face as he talks to the media at Santo Domingo’s Airport December 28, 2007. Chavez sent helicopters into Colombia on Friday to pick up three hostages, including a boy born in captivity and held for years by Marxist rebels in jungle camps. (Carlos Galviz/Reuters)

FARC promised Hugo hostages on Friday, on Sunday, on Monday…
Now the terror group says things will have to wait.
The AFP reported:

CARACAS (AFP)–The promised release of three hostages held by FARC rebels is impossible for now, the group said in a statement Monday read by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has been negotiating the hostages’ freedom.

Through Chavez, the FARC said the security conditions to release the hostages, Clara Rojas, aide to former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, her son Emmanuel born in captivity, and former lawmaker Consuelo Gonzalez hadn’t been met.

“The operation will continue,” Chavez said, adding that the efforts to secure the hostages’ freedom were “ongoing.”

The president said the FARC required a “real ceasefire” before letting the hostages go.

Oliver Stone came down to be with his buddy Hugo for the event and to speak out for the FARC terrorists who “only want to make a decent living.”
It looks like he got played, too.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (R) and U.S. film director Oliver Stone talk to the media as they arrive at Santo Domingo’s Airport December 28, 2007. (Reuters)


MORE… A.M. Mora y Leon wrote in with this:

I get the feeling that FARC controls Chavez more than the other way around.

It’s not just that they stood him up twice now – with the proof of life and now with the three hostages. Chavez may also be scared to kick out the farc bases on Venezuelan soil, and there are seven of them. So he prefers to make friends with them, they’re what he likes anyway. Farc is one of the few groups who don’t need chavez’s money by the way, they have their own cash stream via drugs. That raises their leverage against chavez, and makes chavez only marginally useful to them anyway. They also are confident that chavez won’t mind losing face each time they gull him, they know they can always gull him again, he is that credulous when it comes to farc. It’s really creepy how much farc has chavez on their string rather than the other way around. Deep down, chavez wishes he had guerrilla credentials like farc, and like castro, he doesn’t, all he has are democracy election credentials. He’d much rather be a guerrilla. Farc must know this. Weird how they can kick him around with no consequences!

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