Your Daily Media Bias: MSNBC Reporter Calls Bush a Monkey (Video)

The latest media embarrassment: MSNBC reporter Erin Burnett calls President Bush a monkey twice during her report on the economy(?).
She obviously is not following the economic news like she should- growth of 4.9%.
(Actually the monkey comments happened 5 days ago but went unnoticed until today.)

It’s evident that Erin thought it was hilarious.
I’m not laughing.
I wouldn’t think it was funny if someone called Clinton a monkey in an economic report, either.
But, to the party of no boundaries this is good humor- It’s always open season on conservatives… even dancing shows.
Erin Burnett should be disciplined or fired for this.
It was outrageous and uncalled for.
Thanks to John A for the email.

HotAir has her apology 5 DAYS LATE!

BizzyBlog has more on the economic numbers that that your media is ignoring.

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