Venezuelan Students Fired On By Regime- One in Critical Condition

Clashes in Venezuela…
Protesters battle in the streets of Puerto La Cruz in run-up to the Chavez referendum for absolute power.

An opponent to President Hugo Chavez, left, uses an iron stick to hit a Chavez supporter during a rally against the reforms to the nation’s constitution proposed by the president in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007. Venezuelans will vote to approve or reject the reforms in a referendum on Dec. 2. (AP Photo/Angel Manzanares)

Several students were wounded in Venezuela after the police opened fire on their anti-Chavez protest.
Center for Security Policy reported:

Several media outlets in Caracas have reported today that the new protests where thousands of students from all over the country participated against Chavez’s Constitutional “reforms,” left many students wounded. There were violent confrontations with the police in many Universities and there are reports of protesters having bullet and pellet wounds. Allegedly, one is in critical condition. Some newspapers have published news that many students have been detained by the authorities.

Demonstrations also occurred in other cities: Maracay ,Valencia ,Yaracuy and Puerto La Cruz and there is information that many professors joined their students. For this Sunday, all the student leaders will join their forces and will march in a huge demonstration to reject Chavez’s plans to turn Venezuela into an oppressive and tyrannical country.

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views has more on the police shootings at university students:

Today we were treated to the students of the Simon Bolivar campus in Caracas pushed inside their campus by the Metropolitana police. Since the police cannot enter the campus, they kept throwing canisters of tear gas above the fences and shooting rubber bullets by passing their guns through the chicken wire that circles the campus. I can hardly think of any thing more cowardly risible than what the Caracas police did today, shooting defenseless students from afar while perhaps this very same week end the police failed to stop as many as two dozen murders in Caracas alone.

University students opposed to President Hugo Chavez, right, clash with Chavez supporters during a rally against the reforms to the nation’s constitution proposed by Chavez in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007. (AP)

But, this didn’t stop the anti-Chavez protests.
Students were out again today in Caracas to protest against the tyrant Chavez.
The AP reported:

Hundreds of students staged a protest in Caracas Tuesday to campaign for a no vote in a referendum scheduled Sunday by President Hugo Chavez.

About 300 students gathered outside the Catholic University Andres Bello in the capital, occupying a major highway that runs through the west of the capital. The four hour protest, which was adorned with placards attacking the referendum, caused huge traffic jams forcing rush-hour drivers to wait it out.

“We students will keep coming out on to the street to demand freedom and democracy,” said Roberto Diaz, a 21-year old law student at the university.

Also today… Venezuela recalled its ambassador to Colombia after Hugo was sacked from negotiating with the FARC terrorists.

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