Venezuela Cooling… Hugo Chavez Goes on Freezing Frenzy

It’s not just the temperatures that are freezing in South America.

Spain’s King Juan Carlos(R) shouts at Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, “Why don’t you shut up?” after Chavez interrupted the speech of Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero(L), on 10 November 2007 at the XVII Ibero American Summit. King Juan Carlos won praise for standing up to Chavez.(AFP/IBEROCHILE/File)

After being embarrassed by King Juan Carlos who told him to “Shut Up!” at a meeting this month, Hugo Chavez announced that he was freezing relations with Spain.
Now, Spain wants a clarification.
The Herald Tribune reported:

Spanish officials sought clarification of remarks by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that he is “freezing” bilateral relations until King Juan Carlos apologizes for telling him to shut up.

On Nov. 10, Juan Carlos told Chavez to “shut up” during an Ibero-American summit in Chile after the Venezuelan leader called Spain’s former premier, Jose Maria Aznar, a fascist.

Chavez on Sunday said: “Until the king of Spain apologizes, I’m freezing relations with Spain.”

Spain has company…

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (C), senior FARC rebel commander Ivan Marquez (L) of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba walk at Miraflores Palace in Caracas November 8, 2007. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has asked Chavez to mediate with the Marxist guerrillas from Latin America’s oldest insurgency, the FARC. (Reuters)


Yesterday, Chavez announced that he was freezing relations with Colombia after Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, whose father was murdered by FARC terrorists, lashed out at Hugo Chavez for “seeking a Marxist FARC government in Bogota and the spread of leftist regimes across Latin America.”
The BBC reported:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he has frozen his country’s bilateral ties with neighbouring Colombia.

The move follows the decision by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to end Mr Chavez’s role as a hostage negotiator with Colombia’s Farc rebels.

Mr Chavez said that the decision to end his mediation role was “a spit in the face” and denounced Mr Uribe as a liar.

In response, Mr Uribe said Mr Chavez wants Colombia to “become the victim of the terrorist government of the Farc”.

“I declare before the world that I’m putting relations with Colombia in the freezer because I’ve completely lost confidence with everyone in the Colombian government,” said Mr Chavez during a televised speech.

Poor Hugo.
He’s putting Venezuela in the freezer.

Venezuela News and Views is following the country’s global cooling.

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