Shocker!… Sharia Law & Caning Do Not Help Tourism Industry

Economics 101–
Indonesians have discovered that tourists tend to shy away from regions where they cane people for drug and alcohol abuse.

Police cane a drug smuggler in Malaysia. (Daily Mail)
(No, this photo was not taken in San Francisco.)

Indonesians are finally admitting that Sharia law has not helped revive the struggling tourist industry.
ADN Kronos reported:


A total 44.5 percent of Muslims surveyed said the bylaws did not improve the economy of regional populations, as it had been intended to. The study involved 1,000 respondents including 200 non-Muslims.

“In Bireun, the tourist sector has been drastically declining after the local authorities enforced caning punishments for adultery and alcoholism,” CSRC researcher Syukran Kamil said.

Some 27.7 percent of the Bireun respondents said their economy had worsened, but 26.4 percent said their welfare had improved thanks to the Sharia bylaws.

However, the ordinances were backed by 94.7 percent of respondents, who said they believed said bylaws were needed as a “way-out” from the numerous problems facing the nation.

Support also came from almost half (46 percent) of non-Muslim respondents.

The Daily Mail posted a video of the caning of a drug smuggler in Malaysia in August.
Warning- It is a very disturbing-gruesome video.

UPDATE: Wow! The people of Aceh were actually thinking that Sharia would bring in the tourists!

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