Rudy Giuliani Gets "Dan Rathered" By NYC Firefighters

Rudy Gets “Dan Rathered”

They’re ba-aack!
The liberal firefighter union leaders are back with round 2 of musty attacks on Rudy Giuliani.

The liberal firefighters already put out a bogus video back in July against Rudy. Today they announced that they are back with the same stale arguments against America’s Mayor.


In the first 13 minute video the IAFF released in July, the union leaders claimed that Rudy dropped the ball after the first World Trade Center attack in 1993.
Sadly, it was later pointed out that Rudy was not the Mayor of New York City in 1993.
(Note to the IAFF: If you’re going to make an attack ad- make sure you have the right mayor!)

Now, the IAFF leadership is back with a vengeance. This time New York Fire Chief Jim Riches is leading the charge. He appeared in the IAFF attack ad back in July.
Here’s a little background on the IAFF that you likely won’t see in the media reports:

Hillary Clinton is welcomed by IAFF President Harold Shaitberger to the IAFF Convention in 2007.

President Schaitberger was the national co-chair of the Kerry for President Committee and the most important non-politician in the Kerry leadership.

Hillary Clinton and “good friend” IAFF President Harold Schaitberger.

WASHINGTON – 14 Mar 2007 -Hillary Rodham Clinton is introduced by good friend Harold Schaitberger at the International Association of Fire Fighters, IAFF, Presidential Forum.(Photo by Alex Wong)

Hillary and Harold are so close, in fact, that the IAFF President, Harold Schaitberger, introduced his “good friend” at the Democratic Leadership Council event in July 2002 and has dined with her and spent time with her at her Washington home!

It’s beginning to look like 2004 all over again…
In the 2004 presidential campaign, in a Seattle Times article, Schaitberger admitted that the union never really considered endorsing President Bush’s re-election, even though more of the members identified themselves as Republicans than Democrats or Independents. Schaitberger also claimed that the IAFF is “really bi-partisan in our politics”, although 83 percent of the $1.8 MILLION dollars it spent in 2002 went to Democrats.

Sorry Libs… This Swiftboat Won’t Float
Attack Ad Tip #1: When Making Ad Make Sure You Have the Correct Mayor

UPDATE: You must read 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America to get the truth about these lies against Rudy.
You may not hear this in the news, but:
– The walkie-talkies used on 9-11 were the old ones.
– The FDNY uses the radios Rudy ordered- today.
– There are still no radios currently in existence that will overcome all the obstacles and atmospheric conditions that detract from communications while operating in high-rise towers.
-Rudy never arrested any firemen family members for protesting

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