Rove Points Out Nutroot's Potty Mouths… Gets Cussed Out

You could have seen this coming…
The Washington Times reported on Karl Rove’s speech yesterday on the political discourse on the Left:

Karl Rove teed off this afternoon on the liberal netroots, the coalition of far-left blogs and advocacy groups who are a new power bloc in the Democratic party.

“The Web has given angry and vitriolic people more of a voice in public discourse,” said Mr. Rove, who served as one of President Bush’s top strategists until he resigned this past summer, and is a noted technology nut.

“People in the past who have been on the nutty fringe of political life, who were more or less voiceless, have now been given an inexpensive and easily accessible soapbox, a blog,” Mr. Rove said during a speech about politics and the Web at the Willard InterContinental, a hotel just blocks from his former place of employment.

“I’m a fan of many blogs. I visit them frequently and I learn a lot from them,” Mr. Rove said. “But there also blogs written by angry kooks.”

Mr. Rove cited the results of a study that found that writers and commenters on liberal blogs such as cursed far more than writers and commenters on conservative Web sites such as

“My point is not that liberals swear publicly more often than conservatives. That may be true, but that’s not my point,” Mr. Rove said. “It is that the netroots often argue from anger rather than reason, and too often, their object is personal release, not political persuasion.”

In response, Karl Rove got cussed out by the nutroots.
The commenters at Think Progress and Atrios proved Rove right.
Here’s a fine example:
“F*ck the f*cking f*ckers.”
(asterisks mine)

This is what happened when the students at News Buckit compared nutroots profanity with profanity on the right:

And this is what I found, using what I deemed — through a mix of TTLB and 2006’s Weblog Award lists — to be the 18 biggest Lefty blogs, and 22 biggest Righty blogs. (Not counting this one. :)) I couldn’t account for the 6-month time period, and I even gave the Lefty blogs a 4 blog advantage. But it didn’t make much of a difference.

So how much more does the Left use Carlin’s “seven words” versus the Right?

According to my calculations, try somewhere in the range of 18-to-1.

Here are the data tables.
First a look at nutroot’s profanity:

Click to Enlarge

Then a look at profanity on the right:

Click to Enlarge

Again- feel free to go to The NewsBuckit to get the complete results.

Rove was right on with this one… The next time you hear a nutty Lefty blogger compare the profanity or hate speech on the two sides of the blogosphere, just remember… 18 to 1!!

UPDATE: Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters has more on the nutroot’s community.

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