Rival Factions Clash in Northern Lebanon – 2 Are Dead

The situation is very tense in Lebanon since pro-Syrian President Lahoud stepped down this past weekend leaving the office vacant.
Could this be the start of a new war?

The Lebanese army was deployed today to Tipoli to prevent further clashes between rival political factions after two people were killed in fighting.

A group of Lebanese troops in Tripoli (Press TV)

(Update)Rival factions clashed in Tripoli, Lebanon on Tuesday leaving two people dead.
Ya Libnan reported:


One person was killed and six people were wounded in a clash between two rival factions in the northern town of Tripoli, police reported.

The 30-minute firefight, in which assault rifles were used, pitted the Islamic Unification Movement against the Tripoli Brigades in the town’s Shiraa square of Abu Samra district, a police spokesman told Naharnet.

Police patrols and army units intervened and brought the clash to an end, he added.

The fatality was identified as IUM member Nawaf al-Haidar.

The casualties included Usama Shabaan, son if IUM founder Sheikh Saeed Shabaan, the police spokesman said.

The IUM is a local Sunni faction that is backed by Syria and Iran.

The Tripoli Brigades is a local faction that supports the March 14 majority alliance.

Army units and police patrols cordoned off Shiraa square pending surrender of “all gunmen involved in the clash,” the spokesman added without further elaboration.

The BBC reported that, “The Lebanese army has been deployed in Tripoli to try prevent further clashes between gunmen from opposition and pro-government groups.”

They were celebrating in Beirut on Friday- But clashes killed 2 on Tuesday.

Some 2000 anti-Lebanese president and pro-government supporters, beat drums and shout ‘Lahoud out’ as they gathered in a Sunni Muslim neighborhood celebrating the departure of president Emile Lahoud, in Beirut, Lebanon, Late Friday Nov. 23, 2007. (AP)

Rightwing Nut House describes the situation.

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