Osama Bin Laden Berates Al Qaeda in Iraq Over Dip In Donations

It’s been a rough go for the boys from Al Qaeda.
First they were whipped into fleeing their stronghold.
Now, The Big O is slamming them for their dip in donations.
That’s kinda harsh… What did he expect?
ADN Kronos reported:

Baghdad, 10 Nov.(AKI) – Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has recently distanced himself from the Iraqi cell of his organisation because it is failing to raise enough money on his behalf, according to a Sunni tribal leader.

Speaking to the TV network, al-Arabiya, Sheikh Ahmad Abu Risha, head of the tribal militias in the Sunni province of al-Anbar, which borders Syria and Jordan (and brother to assassinated Sunni leader Abu Risha), referred to Bin Laden’s criticism of his Iraqi followers in an audio message released on 23 October.

In the audio message, a voice sounding like bin Laden admitted that mistakes had been made in Iraq and exhorted the fighters to rectify them. “Some of you have been lax in one duty, which is to unite your ranks,” the voice said.

According to Abu Risha, the conflict between the Saudi terrorist leader and his Iraqi cell was related to economic issues.

Abu Risha said Bin Laden took money from the so-called ‘Iraqi Islamic State’ when he controlled the province of al-Anbar. At that time, the sheikh said terrorists forced followers of the Islamic Party, the Muslim Brotherhood and the local people to pay protection money or face death threats.

When the Islamic Party regained control of al-Anbar from the tribal militias and began hunting for the men of al-Qaeda, the flow of money to Osama Bin Laden stopped.

Meanwhile… The defeated Al Qaeda leader is threatening Austria and Germany with attacks if they do not pull their troops out of Afghanistan.

This picture taken in Vienna shows a TV screen featuring a video of Islamist militants identifying themselves as GIMF (Global Islamic Media Front) making internet threats to Germany and Austria broadcast on Austrian television station ORF 2. A new videotape has surfaced on which Islamist militants threaten to attack Germany and Austria if they do not pull their troops out of Afghanistan.(AFP/ORF)

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