Olmert Will Announce Division of Jerusalem Today

What a very sad day for Israel.

Jules Crittenden calls it- “Peace in Someone Else’s Time.”

One Jerusalem has several updates on this grave situation facing Israel.

“Young Gun” Representative Eric Cantor (R-) joined One Jerusalem for a rally on Thanksgiving for a united Jerusalem.
“We can not let this black cloud hang over this City of Gold.”


** Caroline Glick at the Jerusalem Post expressed her contempt for Olmert’s horrific actions in her column today:

Until Israel gets leaders who run a foreign policy based on a recognition of reality and a celebration of the Jewish people’s accomplishments in building and securing the state, Israel’s supporters will continue to be confounded by the Israeli government, and the Israeli people will continue to be attacked and humiliated.

Andrew McCarthy’s column “Farce” at National Review Online may say it best, via Michelle Malkin:

Buried in Annapolis will be the last shards of the Bush Doctrine, the blunt marker the president once put down to signal a do-or-die choice for jihadist nations. Are you with us, he asked, or with the terrorists?

The Assads’ answer has always been plain: They are with the terrorists. Any terrorists. Saddam Hussein, Hamas, Hezbollah and, behind it all, Iran. Shiite or Sunni, national, sub-national, or transnational — it matters not, so long as the terrorizers in question oppose the United States while working toward Israel’s demise.

For our secretary of State, that somehow makes them part of the solution. Syria was beseeched to attend the farce even as it was working to throw into chaos the selection of a new Lebanese president to replace Emile Lahoud, the Syrian plant whose term was due to expire last week. Other candidates issue statements from bunkers because Syrian operatives tend to kill them if they appear in public. It has been nearly three years since Bashar al-Assad’s henchmen murdered Rafik Hariri for protesting against Lahoud’s grip on power. It has been over two years since President Bush and Secretary Rice made a show of demanding action on the U.N. investigation that has implicated top Syrian officials, including Assad’s brother and brother-in-law. The result … is nothing. Meanwhile, Hezbollah, with Syrian backing, continues to threaten a renewal of the war it started against Israel in the summer of 2006.

Bernard Lewis discusses “The Jewish Question” at The Wall Street Journal today.

MORE… Snapped Shot has the international protest pictures.

UPDATE: Hamas says they will ignore the summit agreements when they roll over Fatah in the West Bank.

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