Olmert Torched at BBC

The BBC decided to put a flaming Israeli Prime Minister on its front page!

Here’s the report by the BBC. See if you can find any reason why Olmert wouldd be pictured in flames from the content of the story:

The US has confirmed it will host a conference on Middle East peace next week aimed at relaunching negotiations to create a Palestinian state.
Invitations have been issued to Israel, the Palestinians, the UN and key Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Syria.

But Washington is still trying to persuade Arab states to send delegates.

The 27 November meeting, at a US naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland, will be the first fully-fledged talks on Middle East peace since 2000.

State department spokesman Sean McCormack said 49 countries and institutions had been invited.

Ahead of the conference, US President George W Bush is to hold bilateral discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Washington on 26 November, it was announced.

It’s one thing to see burning effigies at a protest…
It’s another thing entirely when the media starts doing it.

UPDATE: Doug Ross thinks he’s figured out the picture.

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