New Questions Surround Hillary Clinton & Her Shady Donors

Doug Ross has the latest on the Clinton Machine’s relationship with indicted mega-donor Vin Gupta.

Hillary with close friends and mega-donors, the Gupta family.
Doug Ross has these questions for starters:

* Why would you and your husband sell the Clinton Library Donor List to InfoUSA but not disclose the list to the public?

* Will you describe all of your family’s financial ties to Vinod Gupta and InfoUSA, such as your husband’s true compensation?

* Should we trust any poll coming from CNN/Opinion Research Corporation given various financial ties — not all of which have been disclosed — between Vinod Gupta and your family as well as other key Democrats?

Again, if a scandal like this were to hit a Republican candidate- they would be through.
But, since this scandal involves the Clintons and CNN, the media is mostly ignoring it.

Ace of Spades reported that the Clinton’s used Gupta’s (InfoUSA founder) jets for about $900,000 worth of travel.

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UPDATE: Doug Ross and Quotecritter point to a new Clinton donor, Alonzo Cantu, who is under fire.

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