Kuwait Joins Saudis in Fear of Iranian Blessed Nuke Program

Not everyone is ready to do the blessed nuke dance with Iran.

Just like neighboring Saudi Arabia, Kuwait fears that Iran is not developing its nuclear program for peaceful purposes.
AKI reported:

Rome, 15 Nov. (AKI) – Kuwait is afraid of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and wants the international community to do more to stop it from developing atomic weapons, according to the head of one of the country’s daily newspapers.

Ahmad Abd al-Aziz al-Jarallah, the editor of Al-Siyasa, told Adnkronos International (AKI) Kuwaitis feared the consquences if Iran’s ambitions were unchecked.

“Kuwaitis are not convinced that Iran wants to develop its nuclear programme for peaceful purposes and are afraid that it could develop a weapon that would damage the whole region,” he said.

“The Iranian nuclear plants are closer to Kuwait, only 500 kilometres from the gulf, than Tehran, 1,000 kilometres away. This gives us a clear image of the dangers that they could pose to Kuwait and Zahran in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Earlier today, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the latest IAEA report, proved that Iran was being truthful about its blessed nuke program.

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