Joseph Phillips & John Miller Open Saturday's YAF Conference

Saturday morning, November 10, at the Young America’s Foundation- West Coast Leadership Conference.

Rusty Shackleford from The Jawa Report, Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom, Ace from Ace of Spades Stacy McCain from the Washington Times and Andrew Breitbart from joined me at the conference.

** Ace posted a review of the YAF weekend up to now.


** 9:15 Panel Discussion: Why I became a conservative activist?

Ron Robinson, President of Young America’s Foundation
Kirby Wilbur, Seattle’s leading talk radio host
Kate Obenshain, former chairman of the Virginia GOP- Republican Party spokesperson
Charlie Smith, chairman of the CRNC

Left to Right- Charlie Smith, Ron Robinson, Kirby Wilbur and Kate Obenshain.
Q: What do you suggest to students suffering through liberal bias in the classroom?
A: Kirby- Document your actions- If you don’t speak out, who will?
A: Obenshain: Be tactful, courageous and respectful in your delivery

Q: How do you “welcome” Hillary to your community?
A: Kirby- Make sure you contact the secret service so that you don’t get in trouble. Hillary is vulnerable on so many issues. She doesn’t like being confronted so if you do it right she will remember it.

** 10:15 John J. Miller, National Review political advisor
Election Fever- who is shaping up to be the winners and losers?

During John Miller’s youth, the day the Berlin Wall fell the Michigan Daily News reported the news below the fold almost as if they were disappointed about the historic event. After talking about the Che T-shirt fever common on college campuses today, he took off his shirt to display his own favorite revolutionary- Ronald Reagan. Not enough conservatives become writers. There is pervasive liberal bias we know. There are opportunities today for conservative writers. There are lots and lots of job opportunities for good conservative writers.

The liberal movies this year tanked. But, “300” was a great movie that did well.

2008- I know one thing- For 2008 the right man for the job is a man.
The GOP has a branding problem right now. On several issues the public says they prefer democrats than Republicans. The one issue that the public prefers Republicans is the war on terror. The GOP won 5 of the last 7 elections because the nation continues to be a center right country.

Rudy Giuliani- is the front runner. Executive competence will sell in 2008. Rudy has that. That plays to his strengths. The way to beat Hillary will be to unmask Hillary as a social liberal. This may be difficult for Rudy.

John McCain- Unfortunately, for John McCain he has stood with democrats on several issues. He’s a senator and that’s a problem. America has only elected senators twice. McCain may have to confront the age issue. He should promise to serve just one term. This may help his campaign. He also needs to run with a conservative VP to succeed him.

Mitt Romney- Americans like to run governors. He saved the US Olympics. He is able to sit on the top of an organization and run things. Romney, a Mormon, is the only Republican candidate with one wife. The rest are on their second or third wives. Romney saved the lives of some boaters during his vacation. The Massachusetts’s press blamed him for vacationing out of state.

Fred Thompson- He may run a respectable campaign. But, he may be this year’s Bob Dole.

Mike Huckabee- is basically a pro-life democrat.

Ron Paul- Wrong on the war. He is a libertarian purist. He is not a strategic thinker. His record on trade is no different that a left wing protectionist.

** 11:15 Joseph Phillips, actor and author of He Talk Like a White Boy: Reflections on Faith, Family Politics and Authenticity
Phillips will talk more about his book.

Joseph Phillips opens with a discussion on character- the belief that there is a right and wrong. Character is doing what’s right when no one is looking. Good old-fashioned marriage- Men in the home raising their children with their women. My wife and I stand as a team at the doorway to our home, protecting what gets in. The family is the primary source of morality in our society.

The fact that all men are created equal – that’s American idealism.
You raise your child. You nurture it. You don’t kill it with an abortion.
We are in a culture war and it is about government’s role in protecting those rights.
Our rights come to us through God. Duty of government is to secure our rights. The redistribution of wealth is a violation of the right to private property.

Hollywood is not doing its job. Art is supposed to reflect our culture. Hollywood wants to guide our culture. Hollywood is selling you more than soap. Look at this last Halloween, the young girls want to dress up in sleazy outfits. We are exporting a word that means that black people are less than and African kids are using it as a term of endearment. This is Hollywood. The covers of the magazine a couple of months ago celebrated motherhood out of wedlock. Why aren’t we talking about fathers in the home? We have the research that fathers need to be there. Study doesn’t celebrate marriage. Hollywood says that men are redundant. The antiwar movies imply that we are for war. These are not antiwar films they are antigovernment films. They don’t want to tell the story of the fall of the Berlin Wall. These are people who can’t look you in the eye and tell you that you want the US to win the War on Terror. We at this side of the fence have seeded the ground to them. We own talk radio. We are on the internet. The most influential cultural medium we back away from.

We don’t shout people down. WE HAVE A BETTER MESSAGE!
We have a message of family, hope, idealism, character.
That is our message.

We need to go out there and be catalysts for change.
We are confronted with all kinds of challenges at this time. When we start feeling good about our country we become active agents in our society.

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