John Howard Faces Ear Picker-Eater Retreater in Australian Elections

Will Aussies pick the picker?

Australian Prime Minister John Howard goes up against Labor leader Kevin Rudd in national elections tomorrow.
Rudd has been leading in the polls but a late surge by John Howard has tightened the race.
We all know who John Howard is…

John Howard: “Al Qaeda Is Praying For a Democratic Win.”
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Charles Johnson and Mark Steyn say that John Howard Deserves to Win.

But, who is Kevin Rudd?
Here’s a quick introduction. Mr Rudd has promised to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq and sign the Kyoto climate pact.
In the video below, Rudd is the blond man sitting behind the speaker:

Sort of gross, Rudd.
The Australian has reported this on the latest polls:

The final Newspoll survey of the election shows the Coalition virtually equal to the ALP on primary votes, 43 per cent to 44per cent, which is the Government’s best performance in more than a year.

The Newspoll survey, taken exclusively for The Weekend Australian on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, shows a two-party-preferred vote of 52 per cent for Labor and 48 per cent for the Coalition.

The figures suggest a 5 per cent swing to the Labor Party since the last election in 2004, which, if there were a uniform national swing, would deliver 16 seats to Labor — the exact number it needs for victory.

Indicative swings for each state in the survey suggest Labor could win up to 24 seats.

Mr Rudd leads Mr Howard as preferred prime minister by 47 per cent to 44 per cent, although the gap has closed and the Prime Minister’s satisfaction rating has jumped from 47 per cent to 51 per cent.

The vote is Saturday in Australia.
(This was updated to reflect the voting tomorrow.)

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