Iranian Student Dissident Fakhravar Wins Journalism Award

Amir Abbas Fakhravar as arrested 19 times as a student in Iran. In November 2002, while Fakhravar was still at university, he was sentenced to an eight year sentence in the Evin prison for publishing a criticism of Ayatollah Khamenei. One time he was beaten in front of a court before being thrown into prison. In late April 2006, he arrived in the United States from Dubai where he had been greeted by Richard Perle who interrupted his trip to central Asia in order to meet Fakhravar in a hotel. They had been in touch through a contact since 2003. This past weekend Fakhravar won a conservative journalism award in Florida.

Fakhravar Wins Prestigious Annie Taylor Journalism Award

PALM BEACH FLORIDA, (IEI NEWS) – Amir Abbas Fakhravar, 32 year-old former political prisoner, writer, and journalist won the prestigious “Annie Taylor Journalism Award” at the Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida on Friday, Nov. 16, 2007.

“For years I have been arrested for my writings, but tonight you gave me an award for my writings. I am grateful. This is the difference between your country and my country,” said Fakhravar as he received the award.


“I appreciate this freedom. I want to salute the American troops who sacrifice their lives to bring us freedom,” said Fakhravar in his speech.

The “Annie Taylor Journalism Award” is given to individuals who have shown exceptional courage against great odds in the face of great danger.

Michael Ledeen, writer, scholar and long time friend of Fakhravar presented the award. Ledeen talked about the tortures that Fakhravar suffered for years in jail including the “white torture.”

The ceremony was hosted by David Horowitz Freedom Foundation. A group of distinguished writers, politicians, and media analysts attended the Restoration Weekend to discuss topics such as war on terror, the situation of Muslim women in the Middle East and 2008 US elections.

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