Iranian Activists Speak Out on Women's Rights & Code Pink

Glenn Beck interviewed Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi and her mother Manda Zand Ervin the President of the Alliance of Iranian Women on the horrible abuse of women in the Islamic world.

The two human rights activists condemned Western women for their silence on the plight of women in the Middle East.

Manda Zand Ervin also discussed how one women’s group, Code Pink, actually took a photo of Iranian women activists and made it look like the women were protesting against America, when they were protesting the brutal Iranian regime.

Before- The original photo from a women’s rights protest in Tehran:


After- The perversion of the photo by Code Pink:

Free Republic reported:

“The young woman in center of the photograph is holding a white sheet in her hand that reads: “We are the children of Cyrus, the pioneers of human rights,” not JOIN US. Also the girl, on the right holding the large sign was not a part of this demonstration; she is yet from another photo taken last year at the Tehran University sit-in that was in protest against the Islamic Regime paramilitary stations around the University campus. Her sign in the original picture read: “This space belongs to us”, not HOW MANY LIVES PER GALLON?

The Alliance of Iranian Women protested Code Pink for distorting the legitimate struggle of Iranian women.

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