In Stark Contrast to Its Neighbors- Iraq Arrests the Rapists

The rapists in Iraq used to get paid by the Saddam Hussein regime.
Not any more…

The following is a translation by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina of an article from Iraq’s Buratha News on Wednesday, November 21, 2007:

Karbala Police announces that over 25 women have been raped by former officials

Karbala Chief of police announced today Wednesday 11-21 that 25 women have been raped in Karbala by former “officials and armed groups”. He promised that the perpetrators will be chased down and arrested. In fact one of them has been arrested already.

Police Chief Raaid Shaker Jodet said, in a press conference held on Wednesday Nov 21, at Karbala police headquarters said; “The rape victims have filed charges against the criminals who perpetrated these heinous crimes, and we will hunt them down”. The chief did not mention when these rape crimes were committed nor the positions or groups of the suspected criminal. He said, ‘The police was able to arrest one suspect of these terrible crimes who confessed to his criminal acts which were verified. Further information will be made public soon”.

Rape is considered one of the major crimes in Iraq and carries the death sentence. Rape crime victims carry much sensitivity in a conservative society such as Iraq. Jodet accused what he called, ‘Escaped Officials’ to have committed these crimes. ‘They were able to flee the country before they were arrested. They carry forged passports and they sold government vehicles in their possession’. A month ago Arrest warrants have been issues for four members of the Karbala council and chairman of Hindiah district council.

Haider Ajina comments:


Now that Iraq is a country with ‘Rule of Law’ and security forces are there to serve and protect the citizens. Rape victims are being protected, acknowledged and their abusers are pursued and prosecuted. The punishment for a person found guilt of rape is death. This is a tremendous contrast to Iran and Saudi Arabia where rape victims are further victimized by the authorities, instead of protected and consoled.

This is evidence of the protection of human rights and especially women’s rights in modern Iraq. Just four short years ago it was unthinkable to issue an arrest warrant against any Baathist government official who had committed rape (or any crime).

We have all heard and read about the heinous crimes Saddam’s sons and their ilk committed against the Iraqi people and especially Iraqi women. Iraqi women can now feel safe when they come to the police to report crimes committed against them. Iraqi women also know that the police and the justice system will persue and put on trial those accused of crimes against them.

Haider Ajina

This certainly is a far cry from Saudi Arabia where women get whipped for reporting rape.

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