I Will Not Prostitute Myself

OK. So the voting for the Weblog Awards started today.
I told myself I was going to play it cool- No pandering. No pleading. No kissing a$$.

It was a great strategy. I started off strong. In the first 15 minutes I was leading the category. I had nearly 16 votes and the next closest competitor- The Jawa Report– was at 15. I knew if I could hold the lead just a little bit longer, until next Thursday November 8th, I would win. Unfortunately, RedState appealed for votes from the git-go. They roared ahead. The Newest Leftwing Bloggers were right behind after they promised readers they would start up regular beer blogging again… They quit? Who knew?

So, that leaves me in this shameless position.
I must grovel for your vote.
Ugh… Please, it’s only two clicks.

If you love your country and your mother…
God Bless America.

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