Hollywood Bombs- Another Antiwar Film Slaughtered

Sadly, another casualty of the Iraq War is ignored by the masses…

Losers: US director Robert Redford(L) and US actor Tom Cruise pose before the screening of “Lions for Lambs” in Rome in October 2007; US director Brian De Palma explains his anti-American “Rendition” film; and US actors Reese Witherspoon(L) and Jake Gyllenhaal pose during promotion for their film “Rendition”.

Poor antiwar Hollywood is hit hard by the War in Iraq.
The AFP reported:

The wave of recent films set against the backdrop of war in Iraq and post-9/11 security has failed to win over film-goers keen to escape grim news headlines when they go to the movies, analysts say.

…Almost without exception, however, the crop of movies have struggled to turn a profit at the box-office and in many cases have received a mauling from unimpressed critics as well.

“Rendition,” a drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal about the CIA’s policy of outsourcing interrogation of terror suspects, has taken just under 10 million dollars at the box office, a disastrous return.

Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis’s latest film “In the Valley of Elah,” about a father investigating the death of his son in Iraq, earned favorable reviews but less than seven million dollars following its release in September.

Now, Drew at Ace of Spades reported that “Lions for Lambs” joined the slaughter this weekend.
Drew offers this advice:


“Memo to Hollywood… We don’t hate America as much as you do.”

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