Hamas Sells Arafat Uniform For 200 Sheqels

Nobel Peace Prize- Gone
Military Uniform- Gone

Not only did Hamas loot Arafat’s office and steal his Nobel Peace Prize during their revolt in Gaza, they also sold an old uniform of Arafat’s for 200 sheqels (about 50 bucks).
IMRA reported:

Zaki, who is also the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) representative in Lebanon, was speaking at a panel discussion in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, along with the city’s mayor, Khalid Asila, and governor Hussain Al-A’raj.

On the subject of the upcoming US-backed peace conference, he said: “We will go to Annapolis and surprise those who criticize Fatah and the PLO that it was us who initiated the idea of an independent state and the pursuers of freedom.”

With regards to Hamas’ June takeover of the Gaza Strip, Zaki said, “Had Hamas assaulted Fatah alone, we would have pardoned them; but they had lowered the Palestinian flag, demolished the Unknown Soldier’s monument, entered homes of PLO’s leaders Abu Jihad and Yasser Arafat; they sold Arafat’s uniform for 200 NIS.”

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