Friday Night at Young America's Foundation Leadership Conference

The West Coast Leadership Conference kicked off tonight.

The opening banquet of the Young America’s Foundation West Coast Leadership Conference was held tonight in Santa Barbara. There were several ROTC members in attendance among the young conservatives.

This ROTC group presented the flag at the opening of the banquet.

Conservative author and lecturer, Dinesh D’Souza, was the keynote speaker tonight.

Dinesh spoke off the cuff on the goodness of Christianity and its influence on Western society. This is also the subject of his latest book, What’s So Great About Christianity?

It was a very interesting talk. Dinesh argued against the popular talking points of radical atheism. He pointed out that it is the virtues of Christianity that made this country dissolve slavery and value life.

After dinner David N. Bossie from Citizens United held a private screening of their latest film narrated by Newt Gingrich and his wife on the importance of Christianity in our society. Newt and his wife Callista point out several of the numerous locations throughout our nation’s capital where God is mentioned and honored and on display.
It is an important film and will be released on DVD next week. You can purchase it at the Citizens United website.

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