Former Slave Simon Deng Slams Coo-Coo Tutu

Finally, Archbishop Tutu is called out on the carpet.
Sudanese Human rights activist and former slave Simon Deng blasted Archbishop Desmond Tutu for his outrageous remarks at an anti-Israeli conference in Boston.

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, right, and Desmond Tutu, left, the Archbishop of Cape Town shmooze at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations meeting at United Nations headquarters Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2006. (AP Photo/David Karp)

Former Sudanese slave Simon Deng blasted Desmond Tutu for his damning comments at an anti-apartheid conference in Boston. reported, via American Freedom:

Late last month, I went to hear Bishop Desmond Tutu speak at Boston’s Old South Church at a conference on “Israel Apartheid.” Tutu is a well respected man of God. He brought reconciliation between blacks and whites in South Africa. That he would lead a conference that damns the Jewish state is very disturbing to me…

Tutu said Israeli checkpoints are a nightmare. But checkpoints are there because Palestinians are sent into Israel to blow up and kill innocent women and children. Tutu wants checkpoints removed. Do you not have doors in your home, Bishop? Does that make your house an apartheid house? If someone, Heaven forbid, tried to enter with a bomb, we would want you to have security people “humiliating” your guests with searches, and we would not call you racist for doing so. We all go through checkpoints at every airport. Are the airlines being racist? No.

Yes, the Palestinians are inconvenienced at checkpoints. But why, Bishop Tutu, do you care more about that inconvenience than about Jewish lives?

Bishop, when you used to dance for Mandela’s freedom, we Africans — all over Africa — joined in. Our support was key in your freedom. But when children in Burundi and Kinshasa, all the way to Liberia and Sierra Leone, and in particular in Sudan, cried and called for rescue, you heard but chose to be silent.

Today, black children are enslaved in Sudan, the last place in the continent of Africa where humans are owned by other humans — I was part of the movement to stop slavery in Mauritania, which just now abolished the practice. But you were not with us, Bishop Tutu.

Archbishop Tutu of all people ought to know the difference between apartheid and protecting oneself against suicide bombers.
It’s about time someone put him in his place.
Shame on Desmond Tutu.

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