Finally, Democrats Find a US Marine They Can All Support

Democrats finally found a US Marine they can support—
An antiwar US Marine.

And… They gave him a rousing ovation at their debate on Thursday in Las Vegas.

From the CNN Democratic debate tonight antiwar Marine Christopher Jackson and his antiwar Marine mother Catherine Jackson were picked to ask the democratic candidates a question about Iran.
Can you say “planted question”?

Antiwar Marine Mom Catherine Jackson, a regular on the democratic circuit, asked about the war on Iran.
Think Progress was very impressed:

Jackson’s mother, who was standing next to her son at the event, went on to say that after she “finally got her son home” from Iraq, “members of the Bush administration and neoconservative members of Congress are beating the drums of war again.”

She said her son is still a member of the Marines Individual Ready Reserve and could be called up again. She concluded by asking the candidates, “How are you going to show us your leadership on this issue now?”

Dan Riehl notes that this antiwar mother was already used by Harry Reid back in May to demand that we bring the troops home now
Just like she did on Thursday.

It wouldn’t be the first time CNN planted a question at a democratic debate.

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