Cyclone Kills Thousands in Bangladesh

Thousands are dead and millions are homeless in Bangladesh after this week’s cyclone.

This AP graphic charts the deadliest cyclones in Bangladesh; includes map of storm’s path and hardest hit cities.

Bangladeshi blogger The Third World View has a roundup on the cyclone devestation and ways you can help the people of Bangladesh.
Rezwan sees signs of progress:

Considering the force of the cyclone which is bigger than Katrina in USA (2004) and the 1991 cyclone in Bangladesh I would say that the casualties are much much lower. These days Bangladesh has learnt the lessons. Now it has more sophisticated early warning systems and cyclone shelters to save hundreds of thousands of people.

Waiting out Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh. (Rezwan)

The BBC reported that the death toll rose above 2,000 from the cyclone.

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