CNN Republican YouTube Debate

Two of my favorites, Rudy and Mitt went at it early. But, the best applause of the night so far was when John McCain conveyed a message from the troops to Ron Paul:

Let Us Win!

It looks like, from the response of this crowd in Florida anyway, Americans still want to be winners:

RedState and Althouse and The Corner are liveblogging the debate.

It would only be fair if CNN would ask that “Do you believe in the Bible?” question at a democratic debate.


Michelle Malkin and HotAir are also LIVESTREAMING the debate.

John McCain has strong talk on the War in Iraq- Good for him… “If we would have done what the democrats wanted 6 months ago, Al Qaeda would be saying that they defeated America.”

Mitt Romney has a great new ad- HERE.

Buzz Brockway asks a question- long term commitment to Iraq.
(I knew it- Brockway is a blogger.)

Ron Paul is nuts. Nuts.

Stephen Green is liveblogging.

Gays in the military question- Romney was correct to leave the decision to the military.
Correction: It is a Congressional responsibility.
Hat Tip Subman Dave

Glenn Reynolds has several debate updates and adds this- “I do think that Giuliani/Thompson is probably the strongest GOP ticket.”

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