Brrrr… South America Has Coldest Winter in a 90 Years

Brrr… It’s a chilly Chile this year.
Record ice cap growth in Antarctica and record low temperatures in Argentina won’t stop global warming alarmists from manufacturing hysteria.

“What a hell is happening this year with a seven-month winter”, asked a famous TV journalist about the unusual climatic winter of 2007 that began with fury in May and still persist in November-

The Telegraph reported on the record freezing temperatures in South America this year, via Drudge:

Residents in Argentina and Brazil are wondering if this winter will ever end. Buenos Aires recorded this Thursday (November 15th) the lowest November temperature in 90 years. Temperature in the Downtown weather station reached 2.5C. Since records began more than a century ago, only two days had colder lows in November. It was in 1914 (1.6) and 1917 (2.4). And ninety years ago the urban heat island effect was much less pronounced than nowadays. In Brazil’s southernmost province Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil temperatures fell to 2.3C. In Sao Joaquim Monday’s (Nov., 12) the temperature was -1.2 C with frost. has more on the latest cooling news including this:

The much colder than usual weather was not confined to Argentina. This Thursday had near-freezing temperatures and frost in Uruguay. Weather stations recorded 1.5ºC in Trinidad; 1.8ºC in Durazno; 2.4ºC in Tacuarembó; 3ºC in Artigas; 3.2ºC in Melo and Florida; 3.8ºC in Treinta y Tres; 4.1ºC in Paso de los Toros; 4.6ºC in Rivera and 4.8ºC em San José.

Further south, the problem is the excessive ice. The Brazilian Base Comandante Ferraz (file image above) in Antarctica is rationing water. Never in the last twenty years the weather was so cold and snowy this time of the year in the Brazilian post in the South Pole. The nearby lakes that provide water to the base are frozen since September. The heliport that allows the arrival of food and bottled water by air is under three meters of snow. Water for human consumption is limited to the fifty Brazilian researchers in the region and the situations turns more dangerous each day. So, “por qué no te callas Al Gore ?”

Or, in English, “Why don’t you shut up, Al Gore?”

Ivan adds this from frigid Argentina:

“Ohh yes!!! This was one of the coldest years in the history of our country. Imagine that during the winter it snowed in Buenos Aires. That is something totally unlikely because of the weather here, and there were temperatures of 2° centigrades in the last days and we are in spring.”

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