BlogWorld Expo- Thursday Kickoff (Updated With Photos)

BlogWorld Expo kicked off this morning in Las Vegas.
Actually, there were a few private meetings yesterday but today the public session opened with speakers at 8:45 AM.

Town Hall, an event sponsor, has a prominent booth set up at the conference.
Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved were going to broadcast their shows live from the expo.

Katie Favazza, who writes with Town Hall, was representing Town Hall at the booth this morning.

This was cool…

I looked up during the first panel session I attended and saw this on the screen.


The first panel was exceptional. I plan on posting a great clip from this session later on.

Professor David Perlmutter (not pictured) moderated the session on “The Power of the Political Blogosphere.” Panel members included: (left to right) Dave Nalle, Hugh Hewitt, Brad Friedman (Brad’s Blog), Taylor Marsh, Dean Barnett (Weekly Standard), Pam Spaulding (Pam’s House Blend).

Much more later on…
I am getting ready for my panel session at 4 PM.

** Captain Ed reports on our panel discussion on “Raising the Discourse.”
** KT Kat has much more on the session.

Dean Barnett on right (Sox Blog, Weekly Standard) and Eric Egland (left) -Candidate for Congress.

Matthew Shephard (Rather Biased and NewsBusters) talks with LaShawn Barber and RedState blogger Soren Dayton.

Pajamas Media creator Roger Simon poses with Pajama-clad “bloggers” at the Pajamas booth.

Hugh Hewitt broadcasts his show from the expo.

Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss, the man behind Project Valour IT, was on duty at the Milblog booth.

Roger Simon and the Glenn Reynolds were hanging at the Pajamas Media booth.

Superstars T. F. Boggs, Mary Katharine Ham and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive met up between sessions.

Lori Byrd has a sick child at home but says to tell everyone she said, “Hey!”

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