BLOGWORLD EXPO Opens In Las Vegas This Week

Blogworld Expo is this week.

Here is a post on the Political Bloggers Speaking at Blogworld for the event in Las Vegas:

This is a great line up if I do say so myself! Hugh Hewitt, Jerome Armstrong (MYDD), John Hinderaker (Powerline Blog), Jeralyn Merritt (Talk Left), Glenn Reynolds (The Instapundit), Joe Sudbay (America Blog), Ed Morrissey (Captains Quarters), Sean-Paul (The Agonist), NZ Bear (TTLB), Pam Spaulding (Pam’s House Blend), Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit), Brad Friedman (Brad Blog), Mary Katherine Ham (, Nate Wilcox, Dean Barnett (The Weekly Standard), Professor David Perlmutter, Michael Medved, Roger L. Simon, Kevin from Wizbang and more.

Now I know what you are thinking. You normally wouldn’t find half of these folks hanging out with the other half and that is exactly what makes it such a great line up! One thing they can all agree on, is blogging beats the MSM any day of the week.

This ought to be a great time.
I am scheduled to speak on a panel on Thursday afternoon (See Conference Schedule under the “Conference” tab):

Raising the Level of Discourse in the Political Blogosphere

With: Michael Medved, Jeralyn Meritt, Sean-Paul (The Agonist) Roger L. Simon, Jim Hoft, Ed Morrissey

This ought to be interesting.
Any tips on “Raising the Level of Discourse”?

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