Beach-Loving Al Qaeda Terrorists Release 1st Video From Maldives

Life’s a beach… And, then you die.

Beach-loving Al Qaeda members release new video from tourist paradise of Maldives…
Because even terrorists need a little R & R once in awhile!
(1 minute 49 seconds)

Surf’s up!
ADN Kronos reported on the new beach bound terror group:

The Maldives, a chain of more than a thousand islands on the Equator, is famous for its beaches and celebrity retreats.

A still image on the video shows three men (photo), who are completely dressed, with one wearing a motorcycle helmet, sitting together on a white sandy beach.

There is also a fourth figure standing in the foreground whose face is covered.

The video shows images of men, who appear to be the members of the Jihadi cell, inside the Dhar-al-Khuir mosque on the remote Himandhoo island, hours before it was raided on 6 October. The cell was targetted in an investigation into a September bomb blast in the capital Male.

At least 12 foreign tourists were injured in the 29 September attack, which was the first recorded Islamist militant attack in the country.

12 people were injured when a bomb exploded near a mosque in Maldives in September.


Charles Johnson has more on the jihadist YouTubers.

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