Another Mohammad Cartoon… Another Outpouring of Rage

In the latest episode of cartoon blasphemy- Allah, Jehovah, The Blessed Trinity compete with Satan:

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The Mail and Guardian has the cartoon posted online.

A South African cartoonist said that devout believers should “take a step back” from their religious fervour after he came under attack this week for posting a cartoon with Allah, Jehovah, The Holy Trinity and Satan.
The South Africa Times and ROP reported:

Zapiro’s dig at a Sunday newspaper’s zero tolerance for Satanism upsets some readers.

Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro — better known as Zapiro — has riled Muslims with a cartoon that portrays Allah, but he is unrepentant.

“I do these things because I believe in freedom of expression,” Shapiro said, acknowledging that his cartoon in the Cape Times yesterday had landed him in hot water.

He said he understood the cartoon had provoked a flood of angry SMS messages from the Muslim community.

It was drawn in support of columnist Deon Maas, who was fired by Rapport newspaper last week after he argued that people should be allowed to believe in Satan if they wanted to.

The Zapiro cartoon included pictures of, among others, Allah, Jehovah, the Holy Trinity, Shiva and Satan. The caption said there was no proof that any of them actually existed.

Shapiro said the three major religions — Christianity, Islam and Judaism — were responsible for many more deaths and more oppression than could be attributed to Satanists.

Shapiro, who is being sued by Jacob Zuma over his cartoons, said he was not surprised that people had gone “ballistic”.

Devout believers should “take a step back” from their religious fervour and realise belief systems were created by humans, he said.

That ought to go over real well with certain “devout believers.”

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