5,000 US Troops In Iraq Heading Home– 68% Drop in Violence

This news ought to tickle the cut-and-run Democrats and their supporters in Code Pink and MoveOn.org… 5,000 troops are coming home.

Finally, there is something Democrats can celebrate.

The Multi-National Force-Iraq contines to rack up some amazing results including a 68% drop in violence in Diala Province:

** Violence in Iraq is down by 50%.
** Civilian casualties in Iraq are down by 60%.
** Baghdad casualties are down by 75%.
** Basra violence is down by 90%.
** Terrorist attacks in Iraq are down by 80%.
** IED attacks down by 55%.
** Average daily attacks down by 42%.
** Foreign insurgent flow into Iraq down by more than 50%
** Suicide bombings down 70% since March.
** Foreign Terrorist flow into Iraq down by 50%.
** Diala Province violence down by 68%.

(Figures were taken from Aljazeera, DefenseLink, Investor’s Business Daily The New York Times and Aswat Aliraq)


5,000 US troops will head back home due to the overall improved security situation in Iraq. The troops stationed in Diala Province have seen a decline in violence by 68 percent since April of this year.
War in Iraq reported:

Around 5,000 American troops will head home later this month as part of a withdrawal plan announced by President George W. Bush, US military spokesman Rear Admiral Gregory Smith said Saturday.

“Current conditions allow for a withdrawal of the first unit, the Grey Wolf Brigade, starting on November 27th,” Smith told reporters at a press conference in Baghdad, AFP reported.

The brigade will not be replaced, he said, adding the drawdown is an indication of “overall improved security within Iraq as well as the improved capabilities of the Iraqi security forces.” The brigade has been deployed in restive Diyala province where a series of military crackdowns have been launched targeting Al-Qaeda militants.

Unfortunately, democrats are still playing a game of chicken with the troops.

UPDATE: Like al-Qaeda, the media continues to retreat.

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