3 Dead at Syrian Protests Against Assad Regime!

The Kurdish minority is protesting the Assad regime.
The Assad Regime is responding.
No word yet from Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Kucinich.
Levant News reported:

Demonstrations in Qamoshli, called for by all of the Kurdish political organizations, has taken the lives of at least 3 people with as many as 20 people injured after the demonstrators went into the streets to rebel against the encouragement Assad has given the Turkish government, during his last visit to Turkey, in attacking the Kurds.

According to Kurdish sources in Qamoshli who contacted RPS, confrontations with the Syrian security apparatus also resulted in at least 120 arrested. Shots could be heard within the perimeter of the city and the demonstrations were fast expanding with other fringe villages and small towns joining a civilian population still seething from the lack of judgment of Baschar al-Assad in encouraging violence rather than attempting at mediating a political solution to the Kurdish problem.

If you ever wondered how Assad gets a 99% approval rating- now you know.
Hat Tip America Freedom

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