Zombie Time Reports from UC Berkeley Campus for IFAW

The great Zombie Time reported on the Nonie Darwish speech at the UC Berkeley campus on Monday.

This was an interesting video interview and “discussion” between one of the conservatives at the Nonie Darwish talk and one of the young communist members attending the event:

About minute four the activist in the green shirt confesses he is against “Judeo”-Christian principles and capitalism.

A radio reporter interviewed Mr. Gitmo. Since he wasn’t being videotaped, there was no real need for the hood but he wore it anyway.


Zombie has several more photos and more video.
Note: This report is an experiment in collaborative online journalism. The photos on this page were taken by seven different photographers, each working independently and unknown to one another, who submitted their pictures, videos and accounts to a central editor, where they were compiled into a single report. The online nicknames of the seven “citizen journalists” are: bbuck, Chicken Kiev, Dan K., Luvpotion v.9.0, Marwan’s Daughter, neocon hippie, and Temmy. The central editor who created this report — and who did not actually attend the event itself — was me, zombie, the proprietor of this site. I edited the images and videos, and wrote the captions and introduction; the citizen journalists took the photos and videos, and provided first-hand observations and notes, which are the basis of this report.

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