"Young Gun" Eric Cantor Introduces Res. 756 to Save Temple Mount

Please view Eric Cantor’s “Take a Stand” webpage and support this great cause.

Chief Deputy Whip Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) made this announcement today on a blogger conference call with One Jerusalem Blog.

“Young Gun” Rep. Eric Cantor, a strong supporter of Israel, joined bloggers today to announce that he had introduced Resolution 756 in the House.

Chief Deputy Whip Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) spoke with bloggers today during a break between important votes on child healthcare in the US House of Representatives.


Today Rep. Eric Cantor introduced legislation denouncing the destruction on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Cantor was firm in his assessment that the Temple Mount and Jewish control of the land surrounding this landmark must be preserved. The resolution aims to bring more awareness to the recent destruction by Palestinians of this historic site.

Several weeks ago destruction crews hit a wall that is likely to be an exterior wall of the ancient Temple.

The Muslim Religious Authority (aka the Waqf) received permission recently to dig a narrow channel on the Temple Mount to lay a small pipe that houses electrical wiring because there had been a power failure. (Archaeologist Yisroel Caspi photo)

The photograph demonstrates the extent of unnecessary damage being done to this key religious site. Rather than digging a narrow channel by hand (as is done in every archaeological dig), they brought in a large tractor that is breaking far more ground than necessary and is literally ruining precious antiquities.

Today, among other pressing issues in the House, Rep. Eric Cantor introduced legislation condemning this destruction of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

MORE ON CANTOR… The Weekly Standard had a nice article on Rep. Eric Cantor and two other “Young Republican Guns” in its October, 2007 issue.

One Jerusalem will have the audio of the call posted later today.

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