What a Democratic Presidency Will Look Like…

This great nation was not built by selfish big government socialists who blindly ignored the suffering and threats in the world around them.

Yet, Hillary Clinton today announced that as president she would bow to corrupt international organizations and build greater dependence on Big Government.
This is not the America of our fore-fathers.

Hillary Clinton gave her answer on how she would deal with violent regimes like the junta in Burma.
She would go to the UN.
How absolutely frightening!
Here is a summary of Hillary’s plan for America:

Summary: The next U.S. president will have a moment of opportunity to reintroduce America to the world and restore our leadership. To build a world that is safe, prosperous, and just, we must get out of Iraq, rediscover the value of statesmanship, and live up to the democratic values that are the deepest source of our strength.

Not only would Hillary bow to the alter of the UN but she says she would yank US troops from Iraq and damage this country for decades. And, of course, she continues to flog the Bush Administration throughout her rant.


On the flip side… John McCain describes what he would do as Republican President of this great nation:

Summary: America needs a president who can revitalize the country’s purpose and standing in the world and defeat terrorist adversaries who threaten liberty at home and abroad. There is an enormous amount to do. The next U.S. president must be ready to show America and the world that this country’s best days are yet to come and be ready to establish an enduring peace based on freedom.

John McCain gets it.
This nation was built by men who understood that freedom needs to be protected and respected. This nation was built by the brave individuals and not not weak individuals looking for government to come rescue them.

John McCain understands this.
McCain understands that this nation is best served by spreading freedom and not by hoarding it.

Publius Pundit has more on John McCain on the Comeback Trail.

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