Truth or Clark-equences

General Wesley Clark, an antiwar backer and Hezbollah supporter, ought to get his facts straight before he starts spouting off on the nutty Huffington Post about banning Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio.

“Take Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio”
Clark calls out to Congress:

“It’s time to put real pressure on Rush Limbaugh. His show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, and this time we are going to go straight to the lifeblood of Rush’s show — Congress. Congress has the power to remove Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio, and it won’t be as easy for elected officials to ignore our call.”

But, here is a sad reality for Wesley…
Congress does not control Armed Forces Radio.


American Forces Network (or AFN) is the brand name used by the United States Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS)… American Forces Network (AFN) is the operational arm of the American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), an agency of the American Forces Information Service (AFIS), and is under the operational control of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (OASD-PA). Editorial control is by The Pentagon.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (OASD-PA) is under the authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary of Defense, of course, reports to the Commander in Chief as defined by Article II of the Constitution.

Macsmind also notes that the if you read the charter you find that Congress has no power over Armed Forces Radio.

Former US presidential candidate retired Gen. Wesley Clark (R) speaks during a press conference by veterans advocacy group in Washington. US troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan lack proper equipment, are overstretched and face serious health problems upon their return home, according to a poll released by the group. Looking are from L Jon Soltz, co-founder and chairman of VoteVets. org Action Fund, senior advisor Sam co-founder and president Jeremy Broussard.(AFP/Nicholas Kamm)

** Maybe General Wesley Clark ought to concentrate more on the phony claims of the soldiers he is propping up in his ads rather than lash out at Rush over a phony scandal.

Byron York has more on the phony scandal.

esley Clark wants Rush off the airwaves!

HotAir has more on this disgusting low.
Absolutely shameful!
If you can’t beat them- Silence them!

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