Suicide Bomber Explodes After Iraqi Citizens Corner Him

The Al-Qaeda killer exploded himself after an Iraqi Concerned Local Citizens group cornered him at home.
One person died- the bomber.
MNF-Iraq reported:

MUQDADIYA, Iraq – Acting on a tip from a local citizen, a group of Concerned Local Citizens located a suicide bomber, who detonated himself upon discovery in Muqdadiya Oct. 26.

The suicide bomber, who was believed to be targeting a populated area, detonated as soon as the CLC group entered the house he was located in, causing it to collapse. The collapse wounded one CLC and a suspected extremist who was in the house with the suicide bomber.

“Today’s discovery is a sure sign the population continues to grow tired of al- Qaeda’s barbaric acts,” said Col. David W. Sutherland, commander of Coalition Forces in Diyala province. “The local citizens and CLCs are both playing active roles in securing their areas and neighborhoods across Diyala – an important sign that they realize they must be the definers of their own democracy.”

“Because of the actions by the CLCs, many lives were saved,” Sutherland continued. “This is not the first time the CLCs have saved lives in their neighborhoods.

They truly are patriots serving to protect their families, tribes and neighbors.”

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