Shocker! DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST Defends Attack on Horowitz!

SHOCKER! Democratic strategist Liz Chadderdon defends the radical Left’s attack on conservative David Horowitz last night at Emory University.

Chadderdon on the Leftist Thugs at Emory:

“Well, I’m not sure that I’d call them radicals. They’re people who are desperate to having their voice heard.”

Like the Leftist message is shut out of the liberal media? Hello?
But, we’re really not surprised, Liz…
Sadly the rest of the Democratic Party likely agrees with her since you never hear a peep out of them about these consistent attacks on conservatives- with the exception of Joe Lieberman who lived through the hell.


Here is Liz with Bill O’Reilly tonight defending the Radical Thugs at Emory University:

HERE is the disgraceful video posted at Incorrect U.
Thanks to the Chair of the Graphics Department at Incorrect U, Allan Sluis, for capturing this segment.

This is cross posted at Incorrect U.

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