Shocker! AWOL Mayor & Phony Green Beret Is A Democrat

What a shock!
This phony soldier is a democrat too!

Bob levy’s campaign flyer reads, “Born and raised in Atlantic City, Bob Levy won two bronze stars as a Green Beret during Vietnam. In Atlantic City, Levy has won awards for heroism on the beach patrol.

Currently, one-third of Atlantic City’s City Council members are in prison or awaiting sentencing. Another city councilman was caught in a videotaped sex act with a prostitute last year. He said he was set up by political opponents. And now the democratic mayor is AWOL after being busted for being a phony soldier- Philly Inquirer.
The Philadelphia Enquirer and Glenn Reynolds reported:

ATLANTIC CITY – Where’s the mayor?
Not since “Where’s Waldo?” and “Where’s the Beef?” has such a query caused such a stir.

In this resort, where the streets are literally paved by gambling revenues, they’re taking bets on what might have become of Mayor Bob Levy and whether his disappearance signals another impending scandal involving the city’s top job.

Amid reports of a federal probe into false claims that Levy admits he made regarding his Vietnam military service, the mayor drove off last Wednesday in a silver, city-owned Dodge Durango and has not officially been heard from since. has more on the Atlantic City mayor:


Two people familiar with the federal probe said Levy is under investigation on suspicion that he lied about his service for financial gain. According to one of the sources, Levy is suspected of lying about having received a Combat Infantryman’s Badge, a medal given to soldiers who participate in active ground combat, and about having post-traumatic stress disorder.

As a veteran, he was entitled to veteran’s payments, but by embellishing his record, he could get more money, the sources said. The total financial benefit gained in this way would be less than $25,000, they said. His current salary is around $101,000, according to the acting mayor.

The controversy bubbling around Levy erupted in November 2006, when the Atlantic City paper reported he had “knowingly misrepresented” his military record to family, friends, reporters and the public for years.

The newspaper said it began examining Levy’s record after a local veteran expressed doubts that Levy had been a Green Beret. The Press examined Levy’s claims by contacting the National Archives and Records Administration’s National Personnel Records Center, which reported Levy had never been involved with the Special Forces.

CBS3 has video of the local mayor.
CBS3, The Philadelphia Inquirer and do not tell you in their reports that Levy is a democrat.

Jammie Wearing Fool is all over the phony story.

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